Friday, December 6, 2013

Ina Fridays -- Appetizers -- Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers with Satay Dip

Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers with Satay Dip:  scroll down for link to recipe.

Perhaps it would have been better if I'd chosen something that didn't require grilling on a day when the high was 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, oh no, I had to make a grilled chicken dish.  Right oh.

Perhaps I wanted to channel summer.  Spring?

Below: my geraniums watching the weather from their safe south window.

Off my deck, this afternoon, this gaggle of geese was heading south.   Better late...


What about this sweet girl in my front yard? Brrr..

Even Miss Gab and Tucker stayed snuggled under the dining room table.  Smart puppies, huh?

Nevertheless, I persevered.  I marinated the boneless breasts in lemon, thyme, and olive oil.  As if, well just as if I were about to light that grill.

I sauteed onions and garlic with sesame and olive oils and added all of the lovely ingredients like peanut butter, soy sauce, and more, to make the thick, luscious satay dip or sauce.  Satay, itself, is actually the skewered meat.  If you like a looser dip, add a little chicken broth.  And if you  really like the dip, make extra and store it in the fridge for up to a month. Stir it into rice or pasta or lather it on a lusty sandwich.

I read the recipe again and realized while at THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA store, Ina made this chicken over and over again as is or with grilled vegetables for a salad. The sliced chicken on skewers with satay sauce was another version served for appetizers at parties they catered.  I did like the chicken enough to make it all by it's lonesome self. Maybe on some couscous with asparagus.  Come spring, I mean.

And then I grilled the chicken on top of the kitchen stove............................

Lest you think this was a losing proposition, I beg to differ.

Ina's instructions are for charcoal, but call for grilling for 10 minutes on each side.  Sounded like a lot to me.

Grilled over very high flame for one minute on each side, then cooked covered for another few minutes over low heat, this chicken was tender, juicy, succulent and .... well, no, it didn't taste quite like charcoal grilled.  BUT it was lovely.  I was so excited that I ran back outside.

Above--my backyard garden and north toward Denver.  Below--my tiny front yard.

Out front, I couldn't resist shooting out through an ornament from Taos I leave up year round.

And, after that, I decided cold or no, that chicken needed to be photographed in the snow. And so it was that a grandma from Chicago cranked up her gas stove in the cold, snowy winter of Colorado and made summer.

 Party!  And anyone who's lived in Minnesota knows ANYTHING TASTES BETTER ON A STICK.

Lemon Chicken (and the skewers) --a perfect main course, too--is from.....

Ina's first book, published in 1999.  If you haven't read it, now's the time.
CLICK HERE  FOR RECIPE -- Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers with Satay Dip 


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Sing a new song,

P.S.  I go back to Saint Paul for a last review and look at the galleys for the book next week.  Hopefully we'll upload it into the amazon publishing tool, it'll be returned within the next week, and might be available by New Year's!!  Thanks for your patience and interest.  I have SO loved working on SOUPS & SIDES FOR ALL SEASONS

In memoriam:  Nelson Mandela-- a NPR playlist here. (A Life and Legacy Told in Music.)


  1. I don't envy you in that cold. Even though I live in AZ, I'm a California beach girl, so give me the sun and the sand and I am happy, happy happy. The satay sauce sound pretty yummy, but you're right what were you thinking about grilling out in that cold?

    1. It's cold, but gorgeous. I have to admit I love cooking in cold weather. No problems baking; it's always cool enough. But why a grilled appetizer?? Who knows. Perverse, I guess!

    2. How funny! I had to have something quick. I have a new dimension added to my job and have had no extra time. This was quick and I only needed chicken on the way home from work. The lady at the store said, "I know what you're having for dinner." I bet she had no idea what I was doing. Love Ina's recipes.

      Have a food weekend,

    3. T-Contessa: Not fair to have extra things added at work in December!! (Though as a church choir director, that was the norm in my life, of course.) Glad you were able to think of something quick and still get your post done. Happy December!

  2. It is hard to believe you have snow although, we are supposed to get some, next week and then it will be real. This sounds like a wonderful chicken dish. I have to add it to make. I am late this month but I just blogged my salmon dish and I am back in the game.

    1. We don't just have snow, we've had below zero temperatures. Typically it snows, it's cold, and the next day the sun comes out and melts it all. Not this time. Each day for several days, the cold continues and new snow --albeit not much--arrives. BRR. Glad you've got your blog on! I'm up early and will buzz on over, Chaya!! Hope Hanukkah was wonderful at your house!

  3. We have the same barbecue grill - mine has a bunch of snow on it also...

    haha I love these little skewers, they're so summery and I'm ready for summer (in about seven months, I'm afraid).....

    1. I'm sure our grills appear the same about now. I'm not ready for summer; I love winter…. I did, however, have fun making summer food in the cold. Stay toasty!

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